About me

Ein Text von: Ahed Almalla

My name is Ahed, 25 years old, a student, mother and wife. I was born and raised in Aleppo (Syria) for 22 years, then travelled to Turkey and afterwards to Germany. I graduated from Aleppo University with a Bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry and Now I’m a master student at the FU Berlin.

Three years away from my homeland were enough to teach me hundreds of lessons. I learnt to appreciate everything, every single object in my life, every person, every minute I have spent doing something or around someone. No matter what, everything is VALUEBUL.  I learnt to broaden my perspective of life and come out of my shell and know the world better. Being away from my homeland and being a mother, student and a wife, helped me prioritize things and how I can manage my time to accomplish the balance in my life. I started to mingle with people, it doesn’t matter which nationality they have, which language they speak! I have reached everyone and made a lot of friends. I have earned a great knowledge about politics, religions, diversity and societies. During the last three years I experienced marriage, motherhood and live in two foreign countries.

I am a science geek literally, I can spend hours and hours reading and studying, and I will be always amazed by how far we reached using science and how much we can achieve in the future!, and I hope that someday, I can join the scientists in the journey of developing.  I’m interested in chemistry, Biology, physics as well as Astronomy. These days, I am doing a scientific research related to corrosion science, and it has direct applications in industry.

I love reading and writing, music, film watching and recently I am learning photographing. I am not a sporty person, but I do have a nice scooter that I drive daily to and from my Laboratory.

Finally, I can say, I am very satisfied about what I have done during the last couple of years. But still, so much things to learn, so much experience to collect and many adventures are waiting.

Your sincerely,